Love Poetry In Urdu (2023) – 2 Lines Text

Love poetry in Urdu

Here you can read Love poetry in Urdu 2023. Love poetry in Urdu is very popular in Pakistan and India. Love poetry is the most famous of all poetry. The poetry of love is not sown to every human being. We send love poetry only to these people. The ones we love very much should … Read more

Sad poetry in Urdu that will touch your heart 2023

sad poetry in Urdu

Dear friends, here you read sad poetry in Urdu (text, 2 lines, SMS, Touching, and for Friends). When you feel unhappy or on the verge of separation in Urdu, you can express this feeling with words. Some people think of poetry only as words and do not understand the feeling hidden in them. Only those … Read more

Happy Birthday Poetry and Wishes (2023)

happy birthday poetry

Dear Friends, Here you read happy birthday poetry. Often we find it tough to write something on a birthday card. For such a situation, we have collected these poems and wishes that you can write on a beautiful birthday card. You can also use this birthday poem for a special person like a brother, sister, … Read more