Sad Poetry That Give You All The Feels (2023)

sad poetry

Dear viewers, Here you can read sad poetry. I know you are very sad and looking for such poetry which touches your heart and Which anyone can read. I hope you will like the heart-touching sad poetry that I have brought you today, and you can also put this poetry on status. It is to say … Read more

Best Jaun Elia Sad Poetry (2023)

jaun elia poetry

Today I’m going to share the most recent superb collection of Jaun Elia sad poetry in Urdu. Jaun Elia was a well-known poet and philosopher. His poetry is popular in Pakistan. Jaun Elia is a familiar poet in literary circles, particularly he is a well-known poet for Urdu poetry. His particular method of expressing his feelings … Read more

Sad Poetry Mirza Ghalib (2023) – heart touching

Mirza Ghalib poetry

Mirza Ghalib is a famous Urdu poet known all over the world. He was born on December 27, 1797. Mirza Ghalib is considered a famous poet not only in Urdu but also in Persian. The Persian collection of Mirza Ghalib posh as “Kuliyat-e-Ghalib Farsi” is popular not only in Pakistan but in Iran as well. … Read more

Allama Iqbal Sad Poetry Heart Touching (2023)

Allama Iqbal Poetry

Here we read Allama Iqbal’s Sad Poetry in Urdu, SMS, two lines of poetry, Roman Urdu, and sad Love poetry. At the top, you see the short introduction of our famous poet Allama Iqbal. This Short introduction will give you some information about celebrity life. Here you will read about some of his Famous achievements. … Read more

Sad Poetry By Famous Poets (2023)

sad poetry by famous poets

Here you read the top and best collection of famous sad poetry by different famous poets. You will read the names of many famous personalities about whom I will give some information about them in this post today. Ahmad Faraz, Nasir Kazmi, Munir Niazi, Parveen Shakir. Today, you will see his birth, his Famous feats, … Read more

Top Sad Poetry In Pashto & Sindhi (2023)

sad poetry in Pashto

Here you read sad poetry in Pashto and Sindhi. It doesn’t matter what language the poetry is in; it should contain a feeling that touches the heart of the reader. The poetry you will read here will surely touch your heart. I hope you will like this Pashto and Sindhi poetry too. Sad Poetry In … Read more

Top Wasi Shah Sad Poetry (2023)

wasi shah poetry

Here you read Wasi Shah sad poetry in Urdu. In the days before the internet, Pakistani poet Wasi Shah was well-known. He is a prominent young poet from Pakistan. In 1975, he was born in Pakistan. He wrote a lot of poetry. The poetic works of Wasi Shah (Shayari) encourage readers to express themselves. Ghazals … Read more