30 Best Funny Romantic Poetry In Urdu (2023)

funny romantic poetry

Dear viewers, Here you can read funny romantic poetry. There is love in a relationship, but humor along with love makes the atmosphere beautiful. Life seems serious without humor. Every time we show our love. So we look serious. Whether we take our attitude to a bit of humor, the atmosphere takes on a very … Read more

Funny Kid Poetry (2023) – funny jokes

funny kid poetry

Dear viewers, The poetry we have collected today is funny kid’s poetry. Children’s talk is funny. Their new questions make you smile. Now TikTok is full of funny videos of children Which is so funny that it makes you want to watch them again and again. Funny Kid Poetry Children love comic poetry because most … Read more

Funny Poetry About Life (2023)

funny poetry about life

Dear viewers, Here you can read Funny love poetry about life in Urdu and English. In life, there are moments of happiness as well as sadness. We celebrate happy moments with great beauty. It’s necessary to transform our sorrows into joys at times like this in life. Funny Poetry About Life We have brought you … Read more

Funny Love Poetry for him & her (2023)

love funny poetry

Dear viewers, Here you will find very funny love poetry. Reading all kinds of poetry in the Urdu language has its fun. We have collected these poetry from different platforms. Life is incomplete without laughter. Our loved ones enjoy it a lot when we bring something talked funny into our daily life. Sometimes love can … Read more

Love Poetry For Friends in English & Urdu (2023)

love poetry for friends

Dear viewers, Here you can read love poetry for friends. Friendship is a very precious relationship. He who has a true friend can never be troubled. Because whenever we have a problem, sharing it with a friend gives us peace of mind. The heartache seems to have eased. Love Poetry For Friends There are many … Read more

Funny Poetry In Urdu For Friends (2023)

Funny poetry in Urdu for friends

Dear viewers, Here is some funny Urdu poetry for friends that you would enjoy. It is very lucky to have a good friend, and you have every right to annoy that friend Because jokes are done together with friends. Urdu funny poetry is written here, copy it and put it in your friend’s group, and … Read more

Short Funny Poetry Anyone Can Remember 2023

short funny poetry

Dear viewers, Here you can read short funny poetry. These quotes will surely bring a cute smile to your face. With these funny lines, we aim to relax, make you laugh, and refresh you. Often we need a funny quote for a competition in school, but you can still use these jokes. Sometimes it is … Read more

Best Jaun Elia Sad Poetry (2023)

jaun elia poetry

Today I’m going to share the most recent superb collection of Jaun Elia sad poetry in Urdu. Jaun Elia was a well-known poet and philosopher. His poetry is popular in Pakistan. Jaun Elia is a familiar poet in literary circles, particularly he is a well-known poet for Urdu poetry. His particular method of expressing his feelings … Read more