Top 60 Happy Birthday Poetry For Sister (2023)

Dear Friend, Here you read Happy Birthday poetry for sister. Sisterly love is ideal love. Sisters understand more than mothers. We hesitate to say some things to mother, but with our sister, we share everything from the heart, and today we have brought birthday poetry for this special relationship. Surely you want to give something special to your sister for which you need birthday poetry.

Birthday Poetry For Sister

The relationship between sisters is priceless. If it’s your sister’s birthday and you are looking for poetry, then you will find the best birthday wishes poetry writing here. You can see poetry here in Urdu, English, and Roman Urdu.

  • Happy birthday to the amazing sister in the world. May you have a joyous celebration of this day!
  • Without you in my life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I owe so much to you and will always be very grateful for having such a wonderful role model to look up to.
  • You are the reason why my childhood days were so colorful. Thank you for all those wonderful memories. Happy birthday, sis.
  • You make life sweeter. Happy birthday, sister.
  • We are sisters by chance but we are friends by choice. Love you always. Have a great birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, sissy! Growing up with you has been the greatest gift of my life, and I am truly proud to have you.
  • If I could have another chance to choose my sister, I would choose you every single time because I love you so much
  • To my sister, the beautiful gift to this world and, more importantly, to me. You have constantly stuck by my side. Happy birthday, gorgeous!
  • Happy birthday to the woman who taught me hard work, honesty, and generosity.
  • I’m so lucky we were born into the same family; I’m very grateful for that.
  • Friends may come and go, but sisters are forever. Happy birthday!
  • Sisters fill your soul with bright sunshine and your heart with laughter and joy. Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Poetry For Sister

This poetry contains prayers for your sister for long life and happiness that you can share with your soul mate.

happy Birthday Poetry For Sister

  • Beyond proud that you’re my sister. Have the best day darling!
  • My beloved sister, you are such a special person in my life and the dearest sibling I could’ve ever wished for.
  • My dear sister, I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that the year ahead is full of joy, excitement, and adventure!
  • Cheers to another year around the sun. Happy birthday!
  • If I had to choose someone to be my sister, I would still choose you! You’re the best sister and the coolest girl I know. I hope you have a great birthday!
  • Happy birthday dear sister! Wishing you all the happiness in the world as you celebrate another year in your life! May the joyful celebration of this day melt your heart and fill it with love.
  • I’m making a very special birthday wish to the most amazing friend and an incredibly wonderful sister. Happy Birthday!
  • It is such a blessing to have a smart and loving sister like you. You are the greatest gift I have ever received. May your birthday be filled with joy, unforgettable memories, and everything you desire most!
  • Nobody can shake it as my sissy can! Hope you have the best.
  • Sister, we shared many laughs and thoughts and boosted each other up when we were down. I believe still there are plenty of sweet memories to come. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • I’m so proud to call you my sister. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, sweet sister. May today be the start of a wonderful, glorious, and joyful year ahead for you.
  • Happy Birthday to my adorable little sister. May you have all the happiness in this world. Wish you many many happy returns of the day.
  • I want to thank you, my sis, for being the most loving and caring sister in this entire world. No one understands me better than you. Wish you a Happy Birthday.

Birthday Poetry In English For Sister

Here you also read Heart touching beautiful poetry for sister.

  • Happy birthday dearest sister. I wish I were as good a sister to you as you are to me, I’m so lucky to have you. Thanks for always believing in me and cheering me on in life!
  • It is a true blessing to have you as my sister, and I wouldn’t ever wish to have another sister in your place! You are the perfect companion since childhood for my life’s journey. Happy birthday beautiful sister.
  • I feel so lucky to call you my sister. Thanks for being the best!
  • I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays today, my dear.
  • We have shared so many magical moments in our life. We laughed and cried together and made smiles out of frowns. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • No matter how old you grow, you will always be our princess. Happy birthday to you, sister.
  • Maybe you were one of the floating souls in heaven. But I’m so lucky that I’ve found you as my sweet sister. Happy Birthday.
  • I wish you an ocean of joy and seas of happy memoirs on your birthday. You have a way of always warming my heart. Enjoy your birthday, sis.
  • Happy birthday to the most wonderful, kind, silly girl in the world!
  • Happy, happy birthday, sister. I believe this year will bring wonderful things to your life. Love you.
  • Happy birthday to my incredibly inspirational sister.
  • I can’t wait to celebrate with you. Happy birthday!
  • You truly are an inspiration and role model to me. Thanks for being an amazing sister and friend. I hope you have a brilliant birthday!
  • Our parents made us siblings, and we became friends on our own. Happy Birthday, Sis.
  • The warmest birthday wishes to my incredible sister who brightens the dull moments in my life. You make my life so colorful.
  • The best sister and best friend I could ask for! Love you so so much!

Birthday Poetry In Urdu For Sister 

Birthday poetry in Urdu is very touching. You should copy it and share it with your sister or put it on the status and wish her a happy birthday.

Birthday Poetry In Urdu For Sister 

دعائیں تو بہت سی ہیں دینے کو مگر سب سے خاص یہ کہ”
“تمہارے چہرے کی مسکراہٹ ہمیشہ یونہی برقرار رہے

Duayen to bohat si hain dainay ko magar sab se khaas yeh ke
Tumahray chehray ki muskurahat hamesha yuhin barqarar rahay

 یوں تو روایت ہے جنم دن پہ پھول دینے کی مگر”
“پھول مرجھا جاتے ہیں دعائیں نہیں مرجھاتیں

Yun to riwayat hai janam din pay phool dainay ki magar
Phool murjhaa jatay hain duayen nahi merjhaty

بہن سے بڑھ کے ہمیں کوئی نہیں سمجھ سکتا”
“بہنیں ہی ہماری اچھی دوست ہوتی ہیں

Behan se barh ke hamein koi nahi samajh sakta
Behnai hi hamari achi dost hoti hain

چھوٹی بہن ایک الگ ہی مخلوق ہوتی ہے”
“جو صرف قسمت والوں کو نصیب ہوتی ہے

Choti behan aik allag hi makhlooq hoti hai
Jo sirf qismat walon ko naseeb hoti hai

اٹھا کہ ہاتھ بس خدا سے مانگی ہے یہی دعا”
“نصیب ہوں خوشیاں تمہیں ، تم خوش رہو سدا

Utha ke haath bas kkhuda se mangi hai yahi dua
Naseeb hon khusihyan tumhe, tum khush raho sadaa

یہ دعا ہے رب کریم سے ہر لمحہ خوشیوں کا نزول ہو”
“بس اک زرا تیرے لب ہلے اور ہر دعا قبول ہو

Yeh dua hai rab kareem se har lamha khoshion ka nuzool ho
Bas ik zara tairay lab hille aur har dua qubool ho

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